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The IB Webliography is a collaboration between the IB and IB Educators around the world to provide teachers with accessible, high quality, external resources to facilitate teaching and learning. Prior to being posted on the site, each resource is reviewed by an IB subject matter expert to ensure the content is strong and in line with IB curriculum and pedagogy.

We are a growing platform

Currently the IB Webliography hosts resources for a selection of IB subjects and languages. We hope to continue to grow the site, adding more features, languages, and subjects as we continue to discover innovative digital resources. As part of this collaboration we invite educators to submit their own resource recommendations to be reviewed by the IB Webliography Review Team.

Guidelines for submitting resources:
  • Resources must be 100% free and available online
  • All URLs should link to a primary resource (instead of a page with a list of resources)
  • Try to be specific and list resources connected to precise syllabus items instead of the entire subject. For example, instead of listing a YouTube channel, link a specific video that you particularly like.
  • You can submit as many resources as you would like to recommend.

Once your resources are reviewed you will receive a notification on its status from the IB Webliography Review Team.

**Please note, all resources listed on the IB Webliography are external and not created or maintained by the IB.