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The IB Webliography is a collaboration between the IB and IB Educators around the world to provide teachers with accessible, high quality, external resources to facilitate teaching and learning. Prior to being posted on the site, each resource is reviewed by an IB subject matter expert to ensure the content is strong and in line with IB curriculum and pedagogy.

We are a growing platform

Currently the IB Webliography hosts resources for a selection of IB subjects and languages. We hope to continue to grow the site, adding more features, languages, and subjects as we continue to discover innovative digital resources. As part of this collaboration we invite educators to submit their own resource recommendations to be reviewed by the IB Webliography Review Team.

How it works

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1. Recommend a resource you like

When you find a resource (video, website, case study) that helped you to teach, take a few moments and share it with other teachers around the world. Just click on Recommend a resource, and fill out the form using Submittable.

2. We review your suggestion

Your suggestion will be assigned to our Webliography Review Team for a review. Prior to being posted on the site, each resource is reviewed by an IB subject matter expert to ensure the content is strong and in line with IB curriculum and pedagogy.

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3. We share it with others

Once we post the resource you suggested, anyone can access it. This way we allow your global peers to share and visit high quality web resources that are aligned with specific elements of the IB curriculum, along with details of how they use them with their students.

Guidelines for submitting resources

Make sure a suggested resource is 100% free and available online.

Be specific and connect a resource to items on the subjects syllabus instead of websites focused on the entire subject.

All URLs should link to a primary resource, instead of another page with a list of resources.

Submit as many resources (websites, podcasts, videos, case studies) as you like.

Once your resource is reviewed you will receive a notification on its status from our team.

All resources listed are external and not created or maintained by the IB.

Want to get in touch?

Have questions about IB Webliography? Want to get in touch? We’d like to hear from you. You can contact us by emailing to support@ibo.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the main audience of the Webliography is IB educators, the IB Webliography is free and available to the public.
The IB welcomes submissions from non-IB educators, students, and parents, however, every submission will be reviewed by an IB educators to ensure it is an appropriate fit for IB curriculum and pedagogy.
No, you don’t need any account to access resource. You do have to create a Submittable account to submit a resource. Submittable is free, GDPR compliant, and only takes about 2 minutes to set up.
You can submit content by selecting the “Recommend a resource” button on the homepage of the site or by going directly to submit resources.
Content is selected based on the following criteria:
  • Resources must be 100 percent free and available online.
  • All URLs should link to a primary resource (instead of a page with a list of resources).
  • Resources should fit IB pedagogy and curriculum.
There is no submission limit. Educators are welcome to submit as many resources they have to share.
Currently, the IB Webliography site is available only in English. However, you can find some resources available in French or Spanish by filtering your search results on the site. We hope to release the French and Spanish sites soon.
If you find a broken link or incorrect information, please let us know at support@ibo.org.
We hope to have both MYP and CP available as soon as possible. Our current goal is to have MYP content available by early 2021 and CP content available by summer 2021.
New content is added weekly, but the amount of new content will depend on the volume of submissions we receive from the IB community.
The IB Webliography is a beta site that has a lot of room for growth. We want to tailor the site to best fit educators needs and the survey is there to help us gain more data on what educators want. Survey results are anonymous unless you indicate that it is okay for the IB to contact you for more information.